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Enthalpy Analytical | The Science Of Certainty

Client: Enthalpy Analytical

HQ: North Little Rock, AR

URL: https://enthalpy.com/

Company Type: Environmental Testing

Project Focus: Branding

Case Summary: Enthalpy Analytical provides environmental testing services across the United States. They wanted a brand video that would stand apart from the competitors’; specifically, they didn’t want to rely on stock footage or overly curated photography. Instead, they wanted to showcase the personalities of the actual scientists and analysts who do the hard science in their laboratories each and every day. The result is an energetic, beat-driven piece that feels authentic, original, and quite different from your typical bio-science brand video.

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Trulioo | The World’s Identity Platform

Client: Trulioo

HQ: Vancouver, BC

URL: https://www.trulioo.com/

Company Type: Identity Verification

Project Focus: Platform Launch

Case Summary: When Trulioo, the world’s leading identity verification solution, decided to refresh and relaunch their brand in early 2023, they asked us design a top of funnel product video that would convey the key value propositions of their platform while showcasing their updated branding. Our team created an animated video that reflects the elegance and sophistication of the new brand while clearly outlining the key features and benefits of the Trulioo platform, including their first-in-class identity verification solutions and unique services offerings, such as a customizable workflow studio. The piece became an integral part of the Trulioo brand’s official relaunch.

Splashtop | The Office Has Changed

Client: Splashtop

HQ: Durham, NC

URL: https://www.splashtop.com/

Company Type: Remote IT Support

Project Focus: Branding

Case Summary: The office has changed, but the people who need tech support haven’t. Without a remote IT support solution like Splashtop, being an IT Help Desk professional can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Cutting between our our nightmare end user, Derrick, in different comical situations and different office environments, we played up the challenges of trying to walk a less-than-tech-savvy user through an IT problem.

In the end, our audience is left with no doubt: save time, money, and a whole lot of headaches with Splashtop.

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GoProBriefings.com | The Executive Briefing Experts

Client: GoProBriefings.com

HQ: Asheville, NC

URL: https://www.goprobriefings.com/

Company Type: Consulting and Training

Project Focus: Homepage Hero Video

Case Summary: 

This interview-based piece gave our two industry experts (Pam and Candie) the opportunity to speak about the Executive Briefing industry; their experience in the industry; the value they bring to the industry with GoProBriefings; and why they still love this work after all these years.

This is a structured but unscripted format that allowed Pam and Candie to speak from the heart. Specific questions, prompts, and guidance will leave plenty of room for organic, passionate discourse about Executive Briefing – appealing to both those who have an established center and those on the cusp of launching a new program for the first time.

With an authentic look and a warm, positive energy, we will (re)introduce Pam and Candie as the leading consultants in the Executive Briefing industry.

And we’ll leave our audience with zero doubt: if they want to build a world-class Executive Briefing program faster, they need to go pro.

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Trulioo | Use Cases & Solutions

Client: Trulioo

HQ: Vancouver, BC

URL: www.trulioo.com/

Company Type: RegTech

Project Focus: Marketing

Client Product/Service: Identity Verification Solutions

Case Summary:

If you’re an enterprise organization in the market for identity verification solutions, then you are bound to have questions. Where do those identity verification solutions apply? As you’re onboarding a new customer or business; you need to ensure that person or business is who they say they are. This video explores that Onboarding Use Case from a bird’s eye view, including a distinction between those two ‘sub-use cases’, onboarding a customer and onboarding a business. This video series featured a host addressing camera and walking the viewer through that use case before ‘handing it off’ to the next video, the User Journey and then from there, to the Solutions that our client Trulioo can provide.

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