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3 Music Videos That Don’t Suck

Written by Hemed Mohamed Disclaimer: These are my opinions. Which means you don’t have to worry—they’re right. Sia – The Greatest This is the best music video of the year. Whether or not any official award ceremonies recognize it as such is irrelevant. The stylistically precise choreography and the fluid camera work is a perfect…

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Reinventing the Testimonial Video

Written by Ben Oliver I am on a quest. Not so much an epic adventure seeking out some universal truth or even a religious relic. No, I am on a personal quest to… (wait for it…) reinvent the testimonial video. I absolutely hate testimonial videos. Don’t get me wrong, I see their value. It’s a…

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Trust Your Audience

Written by Justin Plant It’s 2:12am in southwestern Georgia. I’m not even sure that I’m in a proper city… it’s pretty country (no Black Lives Matter signs here.) I’m in GA for my niece’s 2nd birthday party; but any more exposition, and you’d be missing the point. I just drove 7+ hours while my son…

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How Long Should Your Videos Be?

I am not a tall man. I never have been. The closest I came to the second growth spurt I dreamed of in my teens came in my mid- to late-twenties, but that growth spurt ended up being outward instead of upward. Fortunately, I’ve found myself working in an industry where shorter is better. Unless…

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When (or how) is a video considered a success?

The reason I’m writing this blog is because we’re trying to answer this question. It sounds odd, I know. But as we explore answers, we’ve been unintentionally and slowly transforming our business. As a creative team (building concepts for clients) and a production company (executing those concepts), we generate really cool work that both our…

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