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Lessons From My First Short Film

Written by Kyle Conroy It was a rainy day on the patio of Na’Mean in Durham.  Between bites of my milanesa sandwich, I was being told about Storyboard Media’s internship project.  The guidelines were simple: Create whatever I wanted, using Storyboard’s equipment, so long as it doesn’t suck and I work quickly on it.  Knowing…

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Don’t Let Email Own Your Hours

Written by Hemed Mohamed Email has been around for 40 years, and neither Slack nor Trello nor Evernote has come close to denting its critical role in business communications. I chat with our editors via email. I chat with our clients via email. I even chat with my teammates via email. Email enables work, but…

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Trust Your Audience

Written by Justin Plant It’s 2:12am in southwestern Georgia. I’m not even sure that I’m in a proper city… it’s pretty country (no Black Lives Matter signs here.) I’m in GA for my niece’s 2nd birthday party; but any more exposition, and you’d be missing the point. I just drove 7+ hours while my son…

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