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Lessons From My First Short Film

Written by Kyle Conroy It was a rainy day on the patio of Na’Mean in Durham.  Between bites of my milanesa sandwich, I was being told about Storyboard Media’s internship project.  The guidelines were simple: Create whatever I wanted, using Storyboard’s equipment, so long as it doesn’t suck and I work quickly on it.  Knowing…

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3 Music Videos That Don’t Suck

Written by Hemed Mohamed Disclaimer: These are my opinions. Which means you don’t have to worry—they’re right. Sia – The Greatest This is the best music video of the year. Whether or not any official award ceremonies recognize it as such is irrelevant. The stylistically precise choreography and the fluid camera work is a perfect…

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3 Short Films That Don’t Suck – Part 1

Written by Hemed Mohamed If you’re like me, you love unique stories. And if you’re busy like me, you treasure a story that’s only as long as it needs to be. No more, no less. And you understand that great storytellers make the most of every second of the audience’s time. I’ll be honest. Over…

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Kyle Conroy, Storyboard Media Intern, Thinking

The Second Most Interesting Intern in the World

If you were thinking about this guy…

3 Film Essay YouTubers You Gotta See

When I first interviewed for Storyboard Media’s open Account + Project Manager position way back in January, Ben and Justin asked me a bunch of questions about soft skills, hard skills, and everything in between. But that was over in fifteen minutes. The rest of the time was spent geeking out over our favorite Film…

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