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Lessons From My First Short Film

Written by Kyle Conroy It was a rainy day on the patio of Na’Mean in Durham.  Between bites of my milanesa sandwich, I was being told about Storyboard Media’s internship project.  The guidelines were simple: Create whatever I wanted, using Storyboard’s equipment, so long as it doesn’t suck and I work quickly on it.  Knowing…

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Kyle Conroy, Storyboard Media Intern, Thinking

The Second Most Interesting Intern in the World

If you were thinking about this guy…

When (or how) is a video considered a success?

The reason I’m writing this blog is because we’re trying to answer this question. It sounds odd, I know. But as we explore answers, we’ve been unintentionally and slowly transforming our business. As a creative team (building concepts for clients) and a production company (executing those concepts), we generate really cool work that both our…

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